Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Here are two articles we threw up on Twitter recently that everyone should have a chance to stumble upon.

One is from Apartment Therapy, and they give a guide to buying modern made in the USA products. It's a quick guide - nothing more - but worth a look.

The other is a great NY Times piece about Allen Edmonds shoe company, but also about the American shoe industry as a whole. Obviously, this relates to American made clothing and products as well. It stresses the point that if you make good, classic shoes and take care of them, they'll last 20 years and be worth the sometimes pricey investment you paid initially. This is true of everything. It was commonplace in my grandparent's generation, but it has disappeared in the last two.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Junk and Howe Easter Weekend Finds

We had such a great weekend of junking that we couldn't fit half of the stuff in the car to bring it home. With so little sunlight in the last couple days in Chicago, taking pictures has proven a difficult task. I managed to take a few.

For "coming soon" restaurants and cafes, we have a few cases of Pyrex tableware - mugs/cups, saucers, and plates (for the copper pattern). Then again, we may split up the cases so individuals can stock their kitchen with cool, quality tableware.

We also came across an abundance of Pyrex Butterfly Gold dishes lately - unopened divided dish, brand new juicer, casserole dish set, and mixing bowl set - amazing stuff.

This and more coming soon to the Junk and Howe store! Also pictured...

Mid-Century Metal Gooseneck Cone-shaded Desk Lamp
GE Metal Oscillating Fan (12" cage)
Black & Decker Metal Saw Case/Box (huge!)
Westinghouse Electric Roaster Dish Set (new in box) - RARE!
Pyrex Butterprint Refrigerator Dish - 1.5 qt.
Brown Sweater Coat with real fur collar
Starflite Blue Hardshell Hat/Train/Carry-on Case
Pyrex Early American Mixing Bowls - 1.5 qt. and 1.5 pint
Wooden Condiment Caddy with Stainless Steel Bowls and Serving Spoons (with plastic lids)

Not pictured:
Hazel Atlas Tumbler Glass Set of 8 with Metal Holder
Pyrex Tableware Copper design - new in box
Fire King Large Mixing Bowl with Pink Flamingo Striped Rim (2.5 qt?)
Glasbake Green Daisy Roaster Dish - 2 qt.
Pyrex Ribbed Cake/Casserole Clear Bowl (old, and not in any reference books or online)
Pyrex Percolators (4-cup, [2] 6-cup, tall 6-cup with plastic handle)
Industrial Metal Silver Box (originally for 8mm film reels)
Unmarked Clear Refrigerator Dishes
Orange Metal Tin Mug Set of 4
Black Tin Percolator
Vintage 6-ft. Metal Kitchen Storage Cabinet with shelves - white
Vintage Brown Leather Clutch
Garner Ware Canister Set
Masterware Canister Set

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Detroit, USA

Not sure why, but Detroit popped in my head today. This is what first came to mind. Cadillac Motor Car Company (1900-1910), The Stooges (1969), electric car (Detroit Electric - 1919), John Lee Hooker (1965), Ty Cobb (1912), The White Stripes (2004 - Grammys), Packard Automobile Plant (1900-1915).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Seamstress

For the everyday person, everything basically goes through our cleaners today, which have replaced the tailor and seamstress. Unfortunately, you don't find a lot of cleaners that employ the kind of skilled workers that a seamstress or dressmaker from a couple generations ago would've had. To actually sew anything is a skill that is lost from the general population in the past couple of generations.

However, there is a movement - a back to basics feeling among the masses. I see young women knitting on buses, planes and even bars. The abundance of boutiques in the cities, along with handmade sites like Etsy - there is a sense that more and more of the younger generations are taking a page from their grandmother's book and learning how to sew, knit, cross-stitch and such. To make their own clothes, pass the time, or just to be able to repair a piece of clothing they already have.

We have a couple of famous seamstresses in our American history that everyone would know. Of course, there is Betsy Ross, but most don't know that Rosa Parks was a seamstress as well. Here are a few pictures of some seamstresses and female shop owners that you wouldn't know. An Ansel Adams photograph of some women at a seamstress class (1943 - California), a seamstress from the Langdon Tent and Awning Co. making pup tents for the U.S. Army (1941 - Wichita, Kansas), a photo of a young seamstress by Lewis W. Hine (1917 - Boston), and the owner of Rosetta Frocks dress shop, Cecilia Hall, by Jack Delano (1942 - Chicago, IL).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Individuals 2 / What a Piece: Buffalo Plaid Jacket

Glenn O'Brien, the GQ Magazine Style Guy, from a recent interview:

"I have been spotted in my red plaid Woolrich jacket around town a couple of times, but usually on a casual day. And there’s something to be said for that. It’s warm. The thing about vintage is, you don’t want to look like everybody else. So you buy something old, you know there aren’t a thousand of them out there. It’s more likely to be a unique thing at this point."

True. It's about being unique - an individual. Personalize your wardrobe, as well as your home. Find the items - clothing, dishes, lighting, luggage, etc. - that define your personality and specific taste. Don't be fooled by the advertisers, who prey on insecurities. If you like something, like it with confidence. Confidence is classic. Individual style is classic. Be that.

Nearly a century ago, Woolrich originally popularized the buffalo plaid print jacket that O'Brien refers to here. We have a quality-made John Blair jacket that is patterned after the Woolrich. Best guess, it's from the 1960s. Amazing jacket. Amazing price. Made in the USA. The vintage Woolrich jackets will run a few hundred, as will the new ones. Our vintage John Blair is only $33.00. Seriously.

Junk and Howe's John Blair Buffalo Plaid Jacket (BUY IT):

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Junk and Howe Finds - 4/8/11

Got a lot, and a little bit of everything. Some junk for others, some junk for us (like the Clue and Stratego games!), and a bunch of junk for YOU! Here's your preview. Let us know if you see something you like...

Pyrex Primary Color Nesting Bowl Set
Pyrex Woodland Mixing Bowl Set – Original Box, Never Opened!
Pyrex Butterfly Gold Divided Dish – Original Box, Never Opened!
Pyrex Primary Color Refrigerator Dish Set
Handmade Yellow Polyester Skirt and Sleeveless Top
Brown Box Handbag - Satin Lining inside slots
Pyrex Juice Server – new with original cardboard insert
Sears Forecast Cream Train Case with tray and zip bag – brand new
Equitable Handbag Co. Genuine Leather Black Structured Handbag - Gimbels 14.90
Brown Structured Handbag inside zip section
Anchor Hocking Fire King Mugs – green and yellow
Anchor Hocking Juice Servers – white tops
Lincoln Beautyware Coffee and Tea Canisters
Minnetonka Brown Moccasins – Women’s 9 – Brand new (1989)
J.A. Miller Tweed and Suede Hat – Large
Thermos Picnic Set
Anchor Hocking Juice Server – orange top
Porky and Petunia Pepsi/WB Glass - 1976
Proctor and Gamble Tin Fruit Canisters
Stratego Board Game – 1961 – Never used
Clue Board Game – 1956
1970 All Star Game Baseball Pennant
Milwaukee Brewers Souvenir Baseball Bat
1975 All Star Game Baseball Tickets
Wilson Harvey Kuenn Baseball Glove
Goodell Pratt Drill
Black Plane