Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newman's Own Organic Fig Newmans

If there’s one snack Julie and I love to take with us while we’re on the road junkin’, it’s Newman’s Own Organic Fig Newmans. They’re so good that I figured I’d take a moment to mention them.

This is one of those things where I feel the pictures say more than I can actually describe, especially since it’s food. The difference between Fig Newtons and Fig Newmans is noticeable in every way, from appearance, to ingredients, to taste, and even where they are made.

If you don’t know anything about Newman’s Own, you may enjoy checking out their history and work. Founded by actor Paul Newman in 1982, it really is one of the more beautiful organizations out there, who have genuine intentions. They give thanks to giant Kraft on their Fig Newmans website for allowing them to use the name (an obvious wordplay on the Fig Newton name). Kraft may go back on that agreement if more people knew about how amazing Fig Newmans are.

A glance at the picture and it’s obvious which has the more fig inside the cookie, and the organic ingredients of the Fig Newmans make them taste…real. The texture feels like a real cookie as well, rather than the sponge-like Fig Newton, and there is richness in each bite that doesn’t come with the Fig Newtons. The Fig Newmans are simply better in every way.

Knowing that some money goes to charity every time I buy a package of Fig Newmans is a nice added bonus for my consumerism, and I feel just as good knowing that they are made in the United States – unlike Fig Newtons, which are made in Mexico. And, with a quick check on Peapod, it seems that Fig Newmans are actually cheaper than Fig Newtons. What else can you ask for? You just have try one.

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