Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First National Bank of Dwight - Dwight, IL

As I traveled to central Illinois for the holiday weekend, I stopped in Dwight to snap a couple pictures of the First National Bank of Dwight. I've been through Dwight dozens of times throughout my life and have never stopped to see the bank. What makes this bank special is that it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Built in 1905 to house both a bank and real estate offices, it is one of only two banks Frank Lloyd Wright designed (and built). It was originally named Frank L. Smith Bank, after the man who owned it and commissioned the project. Wright even designed the interior (furniture and all, of course), which couldn't be pictured due to obvious reasons, and after a remodeling in the 1950s and later preservation/restoration in the '60s, the bank remains almost unchanged from its original Wright design.

Urban Remains in Chicago has an oak standing desk supposedly from the time the bank opened in 1906. I can only imagine the price.

Here's a picture of the roman brick fireplace, found at The Prairie School Traveler website:

Its facade is Indiana Limestone (Bedford Limestone), which was also used for the Empire State Building and Pentagon. Its front exterior is the only thing I photographed.

picture of Frank L. Smith Bank unknown date 1970s

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