Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amber Hollywood Regency Hanging Lamp


DESCRIPTION: Beautiful Hollywood Regency-styled vintage hanging lamp. Solid brass hardware. Original electrical wiring and hardware – IN WORKING CONDITION. On/off switch on wiring (not pull-string). Amber-colored glass “globe.”

DIMENSIONS: 32” circumference/around; approximately 19” tall (from tip of hardware to tip of hardware)

*for reference, a basketball is 29 1/2” in circumference

FLAWS: None, except that the hanging chain has light rust on it. There is no question the chain will hold, and it also gives it character – or you can replace it inexpensively for a newer look.

Hollywood Regency is an opulent style from the 1930s. There is more information at the links below. Needless to say, the style is back in style:

HGTV talks about Hollywood Regency

Scroll down to the second picture - you'll see a hanging lamp.

Modern Hollywood Regency at Apartment Therapy

And if you live in Chicago, you can visit The Empty Bottle (Chicago's hippest music venue), where you'll find a very similar Hollywood Regency lamp hanging above their bar, as seen HERE.

Clean brass? Some may like their brass tarnished – some may not. Here’s a video I found that shows you how to polish brass for cheap:

WATCH: How to polish brass video

Rewire a lamp? It’s much cheaper and easier than one might think. You can pick up the necessary tools and materials at Home Depot for under $10 (or the same one at Amazon) and perform the task in under 30 minutes. Though this video is for a standing lamp, the basics are the same.

WATCH: How to rewire a lamp

In the era, one may lounge in their Hollywood Regency-styled den to likes of Billie Holiday – on a 78 rpm phonograph:

LISTEN: Billie Holiday - I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues


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