Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Green Hollywood Regency Hanging Lamp

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DESCRIPTION: Beautiful Hollywood Regency-styled vintage hanging lamp. Solid brass hardware. Original electrical wiring and hardware. Pull-chain on/off. Oblong green "cracked" glass.

DIMENSIONS: 27 1/2” circumference/around at largest point; approximately 21” tall (from tip of hardware to tip of hardware)

FLAWS: Cosmetically, none, except that the hanging chain has light rust on it. There is no question the chain will hold, and it also gives it character – or you can replace it inexpensively for a newer look.

The wiring/electrical is temperamental. It is a pull-chain, so once on, you can opt to plug it in for power instead of using the pull-chain to do so. Otherwise, I would recommend rewiring and replacing the bulb socket (how to do this inexpensively is shown below).

Hollywood Regency is an opulent style from the 1930s. There is more information at the links below. Needless to say, the style is back in style:

HGTV talks about Hollywood Regency

Scroll down to the second picture - you'll see a hanging lamp.

Modern Hollywood Regency at Apartment Therapy

Clean brass? Some may like their brass tarnished – some may not. Here’s a video I found that shows you how to polish brass for cheap:

WATCH: How to polish brass video

Rewire a lamp? It’s much cheaper and easier than one might think. You can pick up the necessary tools and materials at Home Depot for under $10 (or the same type at Amazon) and perform the task in under 30 minutes. Though this video is for a standing lamp, the basics are the same.

WATCH: How to rewire a lamp

In the era, one may lounge in their Hollywood Regency-styled den to likes of Billie Holiday – on a 78 rpm phonograph:

LISTEN: Billie Holiday - I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues


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