Friday, January 28, 2011

J&H Shipping Options and How to Save Money

I think everyone can acknowledge the fact that shipping costs are high. This puts a damper on ordering anything online. Hell, when I order out food, it costs $2.50 for delivery, plus a tip. For a $20 meal, I'll end up paying $7.50 to have it delivered to my door - most of the time from within 2 miles away. It seems like a lot - it is a lot - but like anything else, sometimes it's just easier to have something delivered to you. The good thing is that there are options that may lower the price of shipping, such as USPS Parcel Post and First Class mail.

Everything at Junk and Howe is estimated to ship Priority Mail, unless otherwise noted. However, we do entertain other methods, and are happy to give you a unique quote on the items you are buying. Parcel Post typically lowers the price on large items, while First Class mail is sometimes helpful in mailing very light items. They may take longer than Priority, but on some items it'll be much cheaper. Here are a couple examples:

Set of Two Vintage American Tourister Escort Marble Red Suitcases. These things are big, and they are heavy (to ship, not to carry!). For Priority Mail, we estimated it shipping from Chicago to the west coast for $64. With the price of the suitcases, it's not a bad overall price for the nice matching pair. However, send it Parcel Post to the same destination and knock the price down to $23! Sending them from Chicago to...Nashville? Priority Mail would be $28 and Parcel Post would be $18. Don't ever let the estimated shipping cost on the listing deter you. Simply ask for a quote and we'll be happy to assist.

The next example is for this cool Vintage Amity Buffalo Calfskin Wallet. For Priority Mail, from Chicago to the west coast, it's $5. Send it to the same destination using First Class Mail and it's $3. On a $15 wallet, such differences can make or break the deal.

Other ways to save money is combining orders. Again, we can supply quotes upon request. Or, you can always schedule a local pick-up. Please contact us about local pick-ups before you purchase.

Basically, if you see something you want, but shipping looks to be out of your range, drop us a line and simply ask us how much it would ship to your front door. Happy junkin'...

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