Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Day Finds

It's 2011. We're just a few weeks away from the grand opening of Junk and Howe, and more treasures keep funneling in. On the first day of the year, we found more clothing than anything, which was kind of nice because everyone needs cool clothes. We even kept some. Here's a peek at some of the things that will be for sale very soon...


Forstmann Black Coat with Real Fur Collar (amazing!)
Golden Envelope Zip Clutch
Henry Lee Striped Shirt Dress (with pockets!)
Kenneth Roberts Gray Wool Blazer
Levis Beige with Red Stripe Zip-up Jacket
McGregor Windbreaker
Members Only Jackets (his and hers)
Suede Fringe Vest
Countess Mara Tie

and more...

Here's just one of the many tracks we listened to on the road. Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Loretta Lynn:

WATCH: Loretta Lynn - Fist City



  1. haha. just you wait - there's more proof of my adoration for ties coming very soon!