Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/5/11 Finds - Holy Junk!

We visited Fat Nye, Slick, and Mudville this weekend. We had presents waiting for us when we arrived. One was a Spaulding melamine dinnerware set - still in the original box, with only six out of 55 pieces missing. Amazing. Pictures will be coming very soon, but we haven't decided whether we're going to keep it or not for ourselves. This is a constant challenge for us at Junk and Howe.

We do have pictures of some other items we picked up on our snowy weekend of junking in central Illinois. A lot of kitchenware, ranging in style, era, and use. We even picked up an old Wilson T2000 Tennis Racket - the kind Jimmy Connors used to use. If you don't know who that is, well, you probably won't care about the racket. If you do, you may know just how cool this is.

My favorite piece is the Yorkraft, Inc. (York, PA) "Please Don't Shoot the Piano Player" wooden sign, stamped 1957 on the back. This is an item that was produced to look like it was from the late 1800s. 54 years later, it's now an antique itself. The badge of wood that seems to have been shot out of the face of the sign was not factory made. To add even more character to it, someone long ago lightly painted esses to make the sign read "She's doing the best she can" - instead of "he," as originally intended. I can only imagine the story behind it.

These items will be in the Junk and Howe store in the coming weeks...

SOLD for $45.00

Only $21.00 (BUY IT)

Only $10.00! (BUY IT)

Only $11.00! (BUT IT)

Only $18.00! (BUY IT)

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