Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Items at Junk and Howe!

We have just added some items to the Junk and Howe store for spring - a little of everything! And there's more to come next week!

If you've never seen it, and like film noir or French films, take a look at Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Cercle Rouge, starring the impressive Alain Delon (also in Le Samourai by Melville). Not only are the acting, writing, and directing outstanding, but stylistically it's wonderful to watch. It's on Netflix's watch instantly until 3/1. Saw it was going away and thought we'd pass it along as a recommendation.

Here are a few gems we just added to the store!:

American Tourister Black Briefcase (SOLD)

Navy Canvas Bag (SOLD)

Arnold Palmer Van Heusen Windbreaker (BUY IT)

Sears Blue and Blue Insulated Vest (BUY IT)

Chalet Green and White Platter Plates and Mugs (SOLD)

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