Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Book

I collect books. I wish I read them all, but I can't keep up with my queue of print, filed in no particular order on various shelves in my house. I've finally gotten to "Deadly Spin" by Wendell Potter - about the healthcare industry and basically everything you need to understand about that world, public relations, and why you may care to know about it. He was an executive at Humana and Cigna. High rank. Arrived at his conscience. It's pretty amazing stuff.

After reading Paula Deitz's book review of "Founding Gardeners" by Andrea Wulf, I feel very compelled to put myself in the very familiar position of having to find a place for yet another book I want to consume. My interests far exceed the space and time I have. Perhaps I'll just call myself an optimist.

Here's a snippet - see if it intrigues you:
"In 1961, when John F. Kennedy asked Rachel Lambert Mellon to design the Rose Garden at the White House, the commission established a strong link with America’s botanical past. And so, much more recently, has Michelle Obama’s organic vegetable garden, elsewhere on the grounds. As Andrea Wulf reminds us in her illuminating and engrossing new book, “Founding Gardeners,” the first four presidents were passionate botanists whose country seats became laboratories for their grander vision of an independent agrarian republic in the New World." [read entire article at the NY Times]

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