Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pyrex Percolator II & Fans II

We've talked about Pyrex Percolators before, and just a couple days ago, we posted about vintage metal fans. In the last two weeks, we've come across some items we thought we'd share - as an update to those other posts.

First, is the 1922-23 Emerson Fan, type/model 29666. I found it at a tag sale. The folks running the sale didn't even know it was in the house. I got it for a good price. It's in amazing shape, though I do think the original cord has been replaced. It needs a good cleaning, but it works!

And then the Pyrex Percolators. We found a bunch in one place - these two are the best of the group. The metal holder is ours - recently purchased. It has no markings, but the all-glass 6-cup fits perfectly. Enjoy!

Pyrex 6-Cup Percolator - pre 1952 (BUY IT!)

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