Monday, May 23, 2011

Cassandra Stadnicki - Chicago, IL

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I can’t recall when exactly I met Cassie, but while some meetings are thunderclaps, others seamlessly blend in, as if the connection in the web had been there all along. Cassie is a bold person, and given my own directness, our conversations are often worth charging admission.

As an artist, she faces the audience squarely and challenges them. However, the engagement is completely dependent upon the audience – there is never anything forcing or begging attention – it’s simply a statement. Painter, designer, stylist, photographer, gardener, master canner – there’s not much she can’t do.

She recently snatched up a bright orange Fire King roaster from Junk and Howe, along with an amazing Federal Glass Co. Golden Glory dish set, and knowing her as a great cook, I figured they’d get some use in the kitchen. On her Peabrain blog, she shares her experiences with food and drink. From marmalade to chutney to curds to canning and so forth. Along with the recipes, the photographs are fantastic – she even used the Fire King roaster dish in her post about making salsa verde.

Last week, Julie and I made a pork loin roast and tried the apple chutney Cassie dropped off for us a few weeks ago. Simply amazing. Next, we’re going to buy some cheddar to have with it, just as Cassie suggests on her blog.

That’s one of the best things about most of the people I know well. I can trust them – their tastes, recommendations, and suggestions. I have faith that most of the time I will second their emotion about whatever particular subject. If I don’t, it’s still a pleasure having a discussion or debate about it – especially with someone like Cassie, who can bring such enthusiasm and insight to a conversation.

Her passions run deep, and she wears them proudly in every facet of life. That’s what makes her a great person, as well as a noteworthy artist.

Be sure to check out her blog and website for more art, food and information!



(from Stadnicki's crawlspace collection)

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